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Do you find it embarrassing when you hit the beach or yoga classes with those thick thighs and love handles and wonder what the heck they are? Well, those dimply holes are known as cellulite. Here is the in-depth solution on how to get rid of cellulite

You must’ve searched million times about how to get rid of cellulite. Getting mostly misleading information that lead you to confusion or information overload.

Then we are sailing in the same boat and that is the reason I am writing this post.

It doesn’t matter if you are man or woman these ugly looking dimples can pop up out of nowhere.

But you don’t have to worry anymore, follow this comprehensive guide and I can assure you these ugly cellulite dimples will banish forever from your body.

Understanding Cellulite

Cellulite is a condition in which excess fat accumulates in fat cells right under our skin and forms dimples. Both Skinny and overweight people can have this disease.

More precisely, we all have fat cells under our skin which are surrounded by arteries, and when we eat heavy carbohydrate diet, these arteries begin to spill out toxins that we consume through unhealthy food which start to accumulate in fat cells.

Since we have the same number of fat cells, all of our life. These fat cells then start getting plump because of those nutrients and demands more blood supply towards them.

And puts excess pressure on connective tissue (tissue that holds our skin on your body) and because of this, your skin looks lumpy and dimpled.

An illustrative picture of How Cellulite forms in our body

It can happen to both women and man but up to 90% of the woman face cellulite at some point in their lives. Cellulite is not exclusive to any one age range at all.

But Cellulite is most common among females, especially after childbirth, because their bodies are more likely to store fats and their epidermis is softer as compared to males.

Men have much thicker epidermis then the woman and thicker epidermis can withstand more pressure caused by fat cells and connective tissue.

Where Does Cellulite Occurs The Most?

  • Mostly around thighs.
  • Lower back (Lumbar area)
  • Upper back
  • Around upper arms
  • Stomach
  • Hips
  • Buttocks

A recent study also suggests that extreme level of cellulite can lead to broken blood vessels or varicose veins.

How Worse Can It Be?

These are the four grades aka stages of cellulite:

Grade 1: This is the first stage of the cellulite when it is not visible at all even if we pinch our skin. Only by looking through a microscope we can detect cellulite.

Grade 2: In this stage also we might need the help of a microscope to observe the symptoms accurately. However, skin loses some elasticity and lowers the temperature.

Grade 3:In this stage, cellulite is visible in standing position and looks very ugly when pinched.

Grade 4:This is the most severe stage of cellulite and dimples are visible regardless of your posture.

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