12 Facts About Fitness Your Coach Will Hardly Tell You About

7. You don’t need to do abs regularly in order to get a beautiful belly.

Many people like to do abs every time they visit the gym, but this is not necessary. And some ab exercises can even widen the waist. You don’t need to work out your abs regularly in order to get a fit belly — your core will get enough action during basic exercises. Lunges and squats workout your muscles much better than twists. So, one ab training session per week is more than enough.

8. You can’t build muscle if you only do Pilates, dance, or yoga.

In order to get a sculpted and muscular body, we need our muscles to work hard. And they work hard during power workouts. In general, muscles burn more calories because it takes a lot of energy to feed and maintain them. Group training sessions like Pilates, dance, and yoga are a great addition to the gym but not a complete replacement. If your goal is to do more than just lose a few pounds and get into a good mood, remember that power workouts are important too.

9. Women should do more reps and rest less between exercises.


Fitness for men and women differs. The secret to success in female training sessions is having more tension time with shorter breaks for rest. It’s instinctive for women to not work their muscles out until they reach their peak because they have an inner setting that prevents them from overstraining their body. That’s why it’s important for women to focus on loading their muscles by doing more reps instead of working with heavier weights. 30-40 seconds of rest between reps is enough for women. Men, in this case, need more time for restoring their strength and energy after working with heavy loads.

10. It’s not OK to work out a lot and eat very little.

A calorie deficit is necessary if you want to lose weight, but you shouldn’t go to extremes. If you work out a lot in the gym but eat very little, your body will respond by slowing down your metabolism and switching to an energy saving mode. That’s why you shouldn’t work out on a daily basis and significantly cut back on calories — it will only exhaust you and your body. Moreover, an overstrained body feels more stressed and thus tends to gain more weight with the goal of storing energy. If you want to lose weight, try not to eat 1-2 hours after power load workouts.

11. Cardio training must be performed correctly.

Cardio training is a complete form of training, during which you train your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, increase your endurance, and burn fat. If you allot a whole day for cardio, keep in mind that the process of burning fat starts 40 minutes after starting a workout. This means that you will have to spend more than an hour on the treadmill or on an elliptical machine. If you perform a cardio session immediately after power load training, the fat loss begins from the first minute, which means that 20 minutes of cardio will be enough.

Watch your pulse while performing cardio training — it should stay within certain limits. If your pulse doesn’t reach the lower limit of your heart rate, you’ll get very weak results. If your pulse is higher than the upper limit, you risk damaging your health.

12. You can get into shape without visiting a gym.

If you have good genes and don’t overuse harmful food and alcohol, you can build a beautiful body on your own without visiting a gym. The main factor is doing training on a regular basis. Consistency is 90% of your success. If you regularly exercise at home several times a week, walk, and follow a healthy diet, success is guaranteed.





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